Leaking Pipes in Wagga Wagga Leaking Pipes Wagga Wagga

Locating a leak If you need help with detecting a leak we have the technology to find it behind walls, under floorboards and underground. This is a cost saving solution allowing us to save you time and money and to get the job done faster. Pipe replacement or repairs: If your pipe is leaking or has corroded you have two options repair or replace. The most cost effective and long term solution is often recommended.

Pipe Relining As an alternative to repiping, Garry Batemans Plumbing can save pipe lines by relining them, saving you money.

Rusty water or low water pressure If your pipes produce brown or metallic-tasting water, or if your water pressure is just too low we can diagnose the issue and suggest a cost effective repair.

Noisy pipes Often referred to as ‘water hammer can be fixed today to prevent costly repairs later due to damage caused when your your pipes are left to deteriorate.

Leak Detection We detect underground leaks with our state of the art listening device. Pinpointing the leak to within half a metre minimising damage to structures around the areas effected by the leak.

Pipe & Cable Locator We can detect and trace all Pipe & Cable locations including; copper, electrical and gal pipe just to name a few.

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